I have been exploring Plymouth for a number of years now, and one quality which continually engages me, and which also preoccupies much of my work, is the sense of quiet and patient waiting that certain places can come to posses when they have been neglected, or are innaccessible, or are just located in settings where there is a minimal public presence. In particular, it is their sense of 'enduring' and of rising above the turmoil of everyday life that feels most poignant. It is as if they are silently pointing towards a more transcendant aspect of existence.

The fact that they are often in disrepair, or half forgotten, seems to enhance this quality even more. Also, the changes that have affected them since I made the drawings bring an additional layer of meaning. Perhaps my notion of 'abiding and continuity' will have to expand in order to assimilate the idea of 'transcience'?

The following works are ones that directly attempt to engage with this character. The subtleties afforded by graphite and charcoal seemed to me to be the most direct way to reveal it and, in a small way, to help it endure. There are so many places like this in the city that, if I am not careful, it could take over.